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    Gordon Campbell on the Turei finale

    Gordon Campbell August 10, 2017 0

    So the political career of Metiria Turei is, in effect, now over. It goes to show the double standard in politics is alive and well.

    Gordon Campbell on the ch-ch-changes at IRD

    Gordon Campbell July 20, 2017 0

    Cutting jobs on the scale being flagged at IRD doesn’t make much sense, given that tax law and IRD investigations are set to become increasingly complex…

    Gordon Campbell on the EU’s beef with Google

    Gordon Campbell June 28, 2017 0

    EU competition watchdogs, who have just levied a $3.3 billion fine on Google, with anti-competitive practices at the heart of a court battle that’s been seven years in the making.

    Gordon Campbell on the America’s Cup

    Gordon Campbell June 27, 2017 0

    The fact NZ now reigns supreme once again in the most sophisticated contest in the world’s most elite sport can’t help but reflect the trajectory the country has been on since the 1980s.

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