Castles in The Square

Has the building of convention centres become our new cargo cult ?

by Gordon Campbell

Down The Up Ladder

A diagnosis for the age of income anxiety

by Richard McLachlan

Banning The Bag, & Bagging The Ban

The politics of controlling the plastic in our lives

by Rosalea Barker

In The City Of The Precariat

The subsistence existence is an incoming tide

by Richard McLachlan

Mad To the Max

Fury Road drives its metaphors to hell, and back

by Gordon Campbell

Out Of Control

How and why New Zealanders have come to be putting in longer hours at work…

by Harry Johnson

What’s To Commemorate?

The Making of Gallipoli into a Marketable Memory

by Gordon Campbell

The Politics of Vaccination

Is the Key government pandering to people who oppose vaccination on principle?

by Gordon Campbell

Artificial Intelligence: Real Anxieties?

Is the film Ex Machina – and its depiction of Artificial Intelligence – a sign of a world soon to come?

by Richard McLachlan

Migrant smugglers: monsters or saviours?

We can’t help the plight of refugees by concentrating solely only on the people-smugglers

by Anne Gallagher

Nausea And Virtual Reality

For better or worse, the world of virtual reality is virtually upon us

by Richard McLachlan

War At Ground Level

Stanley Kubrick’s Paths of Glory is still the greatest World War I film.

by Philip Matthews

Free Films, On Youtube

Make your own film festival, from movies available free online.

by Gordon Campbell

Water In The Bank

In the Midst of California’s Drought

by Rosalea Barker

The Myth of Steven Joyce

Is he the solution or a big, big part of the problem?

by Gordon Campbell

Journalism, History and Forgetting

Why is our past a foreign country?

by Alison McCulloch

Climate of Fear

Are we being intimidated into silence about everything that matters?

by Richard McLachlan

Hey, Have You Guys Been Watching…

The tedium of talking about TV shows

by Gordon Campbell

Food democracy, South and North

The evolution of the politics of food

by Olivier De Schutter

Public Health : The Silent Crisis

How the public health system is being driven into the ground

by Gordon Campbell

‘This Changes Everything’

Climate change and the failure of frat boy politics

by Richard McLachlan

Churchill’s Betrayal of Greece

When Churchill sided with Hitler, against the partisans

by Ed Vulliamy and Helena Smith

Rescuing Paul Robeson

The great singer/activist, written out of history during the Cold War, is now being re-evaluated

by Gordon Campbell

Katniss Joins The News Team

In Mockingjay Part One, everyone’s working for the media

by Gordon Campbell
Broadway Lafayette

Art on the New York Subways

Catching trains to a different sort of glory

by Richard McLachlan

Rethinking Labour

An interview with Bryan Gould

by Gordon Campbell
protest cap haitien 1

Shaming The United Nations

The UN continues to dodge responsibility for bringing a killer disease to Haiti

by Gordon Campbell

For Your Own Good?

The freedom to pursue informed self-harm has a long and noble tradition…

by Eric Crampton
Black hand


Life and death in the US urban free-fire zone against young black males

by Richard McLachlan

Why Good Journalists Are So ‘Rude’

In defence of Morning Report’s bad manners

by Gordon Campbell

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