The Complicatist : Three Feet High & Rising

Celebrating 25 years of hip hop’s best-loved album

by Gordon Campbell

The Complicatist : Jackson C. Frank, Mark Kozelek

The love songs of the middle-aged mope

by Gordon Campbell

The Complicatist : Angel Olsen, William Tyler

Are you lonely too? Hi Five! So am I!

by Gordon Campbell

The Complicatist : Laneway, 2014

Likely highlights from the best on offer at Silo Park

by Gordon Campbell

The Complicatist : Deafheaven and Sunbather

This black metal / shoegaze hybrid is (almost) everyone’s pick as album of the year

by Gordon Campbell

The Complicatist : Listening To Breaking Bad

The use of music in Vince Gilligan’s great series

by Gordon Campbell

The Complicatist : Miley Cyrus, and Dancing About Architecture

Feet don’t fail my words

by Gordon Campbell

The Complicatist : Bobby Bland R.I.P., Laura Marling

Eagles may be high and free, but they’re also birds of prey

by Gordon Campbell

The Complicatist : Lil B, the Based God

The clown prince of hip hop comes to town

by Gordon Campbell

The Complicatist : Precious Bryant

Paying dues to the Piedmont style of blues

by Gordon Campbell

The Complicatist : Lee Moses, and Friends

More obscure soul music gems from the vaults

by Gordon Campbell

The Complicatist : Somewhere In Time

Celebrating the life and music of Gary Stewart

by Gordon Campbell

The Complicatist : Serengeti, Del Shannon, Lana Del Rey

Learning survival tactics from Brian Dennehy

by Gordon Campbell

The Complicatist : The Spirit of Rockabilly

The sound of white trash contenders, from over 50 years ago…

by Gordon Campbell

The Complicatist : Music Gonna Shock You Like Electric

Celebrating Jamaica, and 50 years of independence

by Gordon Campbell

The Complicatist : Fiona Apple, appreciated

True, blue, and the art of getting over it

by Gordon Campbell

Ghosts and Empty Sockets

Looking back at Paul Simon, Graceland and the end of apartheid

by Gordon Campbell

The Complicatist: El-P, Killer Mike

Philip K. Dick Meets the Rappers, Downtown

by Gordon Campbell

The Complicatist : Choirs Are Cool, Again.

From Sacred Harp music to doo wop, via Africa

by Gordon Campbell

The Complicatist : Songs About Money

The economics of rhythm and melody…..

by Gordon Campbell

The Complicatist: Alan Lomax

A biography of the man responsible for much of the folk, blues and subsequent pop music traditions we know today

by Gordon Campbell

The Complicatist : The sounds of summer…and Bert Jansch, R.I.P

Laneways beats the Big Day Out, hands down

by Gordon Campbell

The Complicatist : Retromania ( yet again)

We’re all busy making plans for the past

by Gordon Campbell

The Complicatist: Love and Mining Disasters

The Complicatist : Love and Mining Disasters

by Gordon Campbell

The Complicatist : Thinking About Modest Mouse

Desperation has its funnier moments

by Gordon Campbell
Georgie Craw_ Tiny Ruins (2)

Love Amid The Ruins

Auckland singer songwriter Hollie Fulbrook (aka Tiny Ruins) makes her debut

by Alice Galletly

The Complicatist : Tyler the Creator, Tegan and Sara and Lars von Trier

Where to draw the line on when enough’s enough

by Gordon Campbell

The Complicatist : Music for Stoners

Drugs and music, pros and cons, highs and downers

by Gordon Campbell

The Complicatist : Look Ma, No Words

Doing it lyrically, but without lyrics

by Gordon Campbell
Eccentric soul

The Complicatist : Lost Soul Classics, Old and New

How did Shreveport, Louisiana get to be the unknown soul capital of America?

by Gordon Campbell