Classics : Goodnight Moon (1947)

The life of Margaret Wise Brown

by Gordon Campbell

Classics : Tales from Moominvalley ( 1962) by Tove Jansson

The Moomins, and their gift of tolerance

by Gordon Campbell

The Complicatist : Sleater-Kinney & other stuff

Remembering the greatest band in the whole wide world

by Gordon Campbell

Classics : Ernest and Celestine

Life on the emotional edge, with the bear father and the mouse child

by Grace C. Russell

Classics : The Hunger Games (2008)

When life is a war game, you need friends to survive

by Gordon Campbell
Book cover

Classics : Tom’s Midnight Garden (1958)

Life (and love) is a dream shared, in Philippa Pearce’s classic novel

by Gordon Campbell

Classics : Madeline (1939)

Ludwig Bemelmans had a few childhood scars of his own

by Gordon Campbell

Classics : Lady and the Tramp (1955) and Benji (1974)

How Disney (and others) teach children that living in a nice suburban home beats living free in the city

by Grace C. Russell

Literature of Resistance, as Literal Resistance

The Seven-Author Novel Seaton Point

by Mark P. Williams
Graveyard Book

Classics : The Graveyard Book (2009)

Neil Gaiman’s brand of horror lite is aimed at parents, as much as kids

by Gordon Campbell

Classics : A Wrinkle in Time (1962)

Madeleine L’Engle’s nutty politico-religious parable for children still has its admirers

by Gordon Campbell

Classics: Diana Wynne Jones R.I.P.

Celebrating the author of Archer’s Goon, Howl’s Moving Castle etc.

by Gordon Campbell

Classics : The Indian in the Cupboard (1981)

Indians are people, too

by Gordon Campbell

Classics : The Cricket In Times Square (1960)

Authors who write for children are people, too.

by Gordon Campbell

Classics : The Incredible Journey (1961)

About the bond between animals and humans….

by Gordon Campbell

Classics : The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle (1990)

Murder, mutiny, class rebellion and a terrific teenage heroine

by Gordon Campbell

Classics : The Owl Service (1967)

The owls are not what they seem, but the English stay true to type

by Gordon Campbell

Classics : The Dark Is Rising (1973)

Don’t ever break bread with the stranger on the black horse….

by Gordon Campbell

Classics : Marianne Dreams (1958)

The waking is the hardest part

by Gordon Campbell

Classics: Toy Story 3 (2010) & Peabody (1983)

Did you betray your toys?

by Gordon Campbell

Classics : Daffy Duck (1937)

The duck that turned greed, envy and shameless self-promotion into an art form

by Gordon Campbell

Classics : Mrs Frisby and The Rats of NIMH by Robert C. O’Brien ( 1971)

Can genetically modified animals ever rejoin the natural world?

by Gordon Campbell

Classics : Dumbo (1941)

… until you seen an elephant fly

by Gordon Campbell

Classics: Harriet the Spy (1964) by Louise Fitzhugh

Looking out for number one

by Gordon Campbell
Cover HC

Classics: Homecoming (1981) by Cynthia Voigt

Home is not a place

by Gordon Campbell

Classics: The Borrowers (1952) by Mary Norton

Small people with big problems

by Gordon Campbell

Classics : Go Dog.Go ! ( 1961) by P.D. Eastman

The Red Scare of the 1950s helped create this hymn to perpetual motion.

by Gordon Campbell

Classics : Tales from Moominvalley ( 1962) by Tove Jansson

The Moomins, and their gift of tolerance

by Gordon Campbell
Pirate Twins

Classics : The Pirate Twins (1929) by William Nicholson

Race stereotypes in children’s books

by Gordon Campbell

Badger’s Parting Gifts (1984) by Susan Varley

Death in children’s stories

by Gordon Campbell

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