Gods and Monsters

Philip Matthews August 12, 2013 0

Maybe Pacific Rim is the best film that Guillermo Del Toro could have made right now

Go To China

Philip Matthews November 28, 2012 0

The best (and worst) films of 2012

Acting Under Orders

Gordon Campbell October 11, 2012 0

Does John Key know the conditions facing Kiwi workers within US film and TV productions here?

Punishment Park

Philip Matthews October 11, 2012 0

Five attractive teenagers, a remote cabin in the woods … What could possibly go wrong?

Cartoon Alley : Mat Tait & Mike Brown

Mike Brown & Mat Tait September 5, 2012 0

Mat Tait is a South Island based cartoonist and illustrator. Mike Brown lives in Wellington and is currently writing a PhD thesis on New Zealand vernacular musics.

Cartoon Alley : Brent Willis

Brent Willis June 27, 2012 0

Brent Willis currently lives in Lyall Bay, Wellington and has been making underground self-published comics since the mid 1990s.

Hello Madness, My Old Friend

Philip Matthews April 18, 2012 0

The films Mental Notes, A Dangerous Method and Spider tackle mental illness in very different ways

Webs of Maya

Gordon Campbell April 18, 2012 0

Underground film-maker Maya Deren still casts a spell

What Would Katniss Do?

Gordon Campbell April 18, 2012 0

The Hunger Games heroine is a sign that women are adapting better to today’s economic realities….

Personal Archaeology

Mark P. Williams April 18, 2012 0

The Politicisation of Remembering —Judge Dredd and Horror Stories

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