When will our adoption law be fit for the 21st century?
Is music criticism (a bit) like dating?
Auckland 👏 houses 👏 are 👏 not 👏 affordable 👏 OK?


The Defence Pretence

Why keep spending billions on defence, when there’s no discernible threat?

by Gordon Campbell

Adoption At A Standstill

When will the Government dare to reform our sixty year old laws on adoption?

by Anne Else

Music Criticism As A Dating Metaphor

It’s getting harder to make a commitment…

by Gordon Campbell
Quiggin _photo

Keeping The Sea Lanes Open

Is securing the sea lanes a valid rationale for Defence spending?

by John Quiggin

From The Hood: Home, And A Way

Auckland struggles to cope with its over-supply of advice on housing affordability…

by Lyndon Hood

Alone Again, Naturally

Singing the praises of your own company…

by Ana Avia-O’Connor

Strangers In Our Midst

Shakespeare has relevant words for how the world should be responding to refugees and migrants

by William Shakespeare

***** Werewolf Issue 59, February 2016 *****

The February 2016 edition of Werewolf

by Werewolf

Obsolete, At Birth

Already, the European Commission wants to scrap the TPP’s investor-state dispute mechanisms

by Gordon Cambpell

Killing For A Living

The human cost of the ‘killing animals for food’ industry

by Andy West

The Great Financial Crisis Still To Come

An interview with Financial Times columnist John Kay

by Max Rashbrooke

He’s Not Here

David Bowie never endorsed Velvet Goldmine but it has become the ideal tribute film.

by Philip Matthews

Corresponding To Life

Writing – and getting – letters is still something to treasure

by Ana Avia-O’Connor

From the Hood : The Afterlife of Pablo

Kanye do something with this album cover meme? Ye kan!

by Lyndon Hood

Tom Petty : Keeping Hard Promises

A terrific new biography of Tom Petty rekindles the love for one of music’s most under-rated stars.

by Gordon Campbell
manbekun 2

The Cult of Cuteness

How the Japanese concept of kawaii exalts female vulnerability

by Gordon Campbell

David Bowie Meets Laurence Aberhart

Revisiting a 1978 photo shoot encounter with The Thin White Duke….

by Gordon Campbell

The Complicatist : Japanese Music

Japanese hip-hop, noise music, J-Pop, and a whole lot more besides….

by Gordon Campbell

***** Werewolf Issue 58, November 2015 *****

The November 2015 Issue of Werewolf

by Werewolf
Hurricane -Sandy

No Climate For Change

The Paris conference will deliver only paper promises on global warming

by Gordon Campbell

America, The Gated

Immigration has become a polarising issue in the 2016 US election campaign

by Richard McLachlan

Defending the Homeland

Women warriors, and how the US entertainment industry handles Middle East politics

by Gordon Campbell

In A New York Groove

NYC rekindles its love affair with its outlaw past

by Richard McLachlan

Syria Eats Itself

Countering the logic of the war economy in Syria

by Rim Turkmani with Ali A. K. Ali, Mary Kaldor and Vesna Bojicic-Dzelilovic

Do You Believe In Second Chances?

The Sundance TV series Rectify takes the difficulties of faith, forgiveness and family seriously

by Philip Matthews

From The Hood : Illegal in an Illegal Land

Reading the fine print, except it’s not actually fine at all.

by Lyndon Hood

The Complicatist : Hip Hop’s Vanishing Sense of Community

A collective music based on allegiance to the ‘hood now belongs to remote and isolated solo stars

by Gordon Campbell

The Complicatist : Frankie Cosmos, and other sounds of whiteness

Some musical journeys in the worlds of white people….

by Gordon Campbell

***** Werewolf 57, September 2015 *****

The September 2015 edition of Werewolf

by Werewolf

Safety In Numbers

New Zealand’s new export industry : predicting child abuse

by Gordon Campell

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