Lyndon Hood : Te mea nui o te ao

What our deal is down here, our thing, if it was up to me,
For us living on these sanctuary piles of rock in the sea,
I’d choose one where the murder of people just over their religion
(If things like that were not stopped in the land that I lived in)
Is an attack on our sisters and brothers and fathers and mothers and children –
Ourselves. I’ll take that. One big family.
That last (I mean, look around) partly a pretty lie;
But it seems to me good that we’re giving it a try.
It fits okay, I think: we don’t always do right –
Failing protection, offering casual neglect, or spite –
But, in the end (at prayer, just over a creed),
When you hurt, flesh of our flesh, we also bleed.
We fall short and break faith, in the spirit and letter,
Then we take stock, we remember ourselves, and do better.