Gordon Campbell on the UN resolution on Palestine

Our foreign policy is trade, as Robert Muldoon observed back in 1980 – give or take the accidents of history that may have created a few allegiances for us along the way. For any small trading nation, trading opportunities need to be at the forefront of its diplomatic planning and – presumably -our role in the recent UN resolution on Palestine was driven by the possible trade opportunities in the Middle East that our public stance on Israeli settlements in the Occupied Territories might now put within our grasp. Evidently, these trade openings are seen as outweighing (a) the predictable fury of the Israelis, and (b) landing ourselves on the enemies list of the incoming Trump administration.

The UN resolution has been one of the most high profile achievements of our diplomacy on the world stage for many years. True, the resolution is a largely symbolic one – no sanctions will be imposed on Israel for non- compliance, and a freeze on settlements would be only the first step in talks towards the highly theoretical ‘two state’ solution that Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu has never wanted, or been able (given the extremist nature of his governing coalition) to pursue, even if he had desired it. To all intents, the ‘two state’ solution has been a dead duck for years – but it gets hauled out and propped up again whenever the UN periodically concerns itself with the equally fabled ‘peace process.’

The symbolism of being seen to support the Palestinians – even if such symbolic gestures change little or nothing on the ground – is an important theme of Middle East politics. Being seen to be onside with the suffering Palestinians ( however ineffectually) is a badge of credibility for the regimes concerned even when – in the case of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan – this involves active and ongoing collusion with Israel.

From the time that New Zealand arrived on the Security Council two years ago, the twin concerns of Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully – with an eye on those Middle East markets that have been a gleam in his eye since the Saudi sheep deal was launched – have been (a) a Security Council initiative on the war in Syria and (b) a resolution of some sort on the Israel/Palestine question. Besides the immediate trade advantages to be won in the Gulf, with Iran and with the Saudis, the Middle East is also a far safer zone than the Pacific for New Zealand to try and pursue a foreign policy that’s relatively independent of either China or the US.

For most of 2016, it had looked as if Egypt would be the designated messenger for the Security Council attempts to get the US to abstain, and not veto the Palestine resolution. (The White House had long since run out of patience with Netanyahu, whatever sympathies it might have had initially with his domestic lack of legroom) Wordings were constantly changed to make the UN draft resolution one that the Obama administration would not feel politically impelled to veto.

The Palestinians, with strong international backing, seek all of the West Bank and east Jerusalem, territories captured by Israel in 1967, as part of an independent state. They say continued Israeli settlement undermines that goal, since already some 600,000 Israelis live in these areas.

Israel is livid that the resolution does not appear to recognize its claim to any part of the occupied areas, including Jewish holy sites in Jerusalem’s Old City, though the resolution leaves the door open to agreed land swaps.

To encourage Egypt during 2016, Secretary of State John Kerry shielded Egyptian leader Abdel Fateh al-Sisi from criticism of the harsh repression of dissent within Egypt, but ultimately to no avail. Reportedly, the Israelis convinced Egypt not to follow through, and New Zealand thereafter assumed a more prominent role. According to the Israeli media, the recent Kerry visit to New Zealand finessed the details of the wording. The Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz has reported on the angry phone call from Netanyahu to McCully on the eve of the UN vote.

Interestingly, when McCully and Netanyahu had spoken in Israel only a month earlier, Ha’aretz has aso reported, New Zealand had been promoting a much less confrontational version of the eventual UN resolution :

It was a much softer and more moderate version than the motion that passed last Friday. New Zealand’s resolution did talk about freezing construction in the settlements, but also about freezing Palestinian steps in the UN and the International Criminal Court in The Hague, and called for direct negotiations without preconditions.

As the Germans and French have since confirmed, the UN resolution (and the subsequent Kerry speech defending it) do not differ in any significant way from the positions long taken by Europe on the impediment that continued Israeli settlements pose to the peace process. In fact on January 15, France will convene peace talks between 70 countries on the future of the Middle East peace process. The Kerry speech is a determinedly even-handed summary of the Israel-Palestine conflict and is worth reading.

Despite the fierce Israeli response, Kerry’s speech had included this passage about the extent of ongoing US support for Israel :

In the midst of our own financial crisis and budget deficits, we repeatedly increased funding to support Israel. In fact, more than one-half of our entire global Foreign Military Financing goes to Israel. And this fall, we concluded an historic $38 billion memorandum of understanding that exceeds any military assistance package the United States has provided to any country, at any time, and that will invest in cutting-edge missile defense and sustain Israel’s qualitative military edge for years to come. That’s the measure of our support.

But also this passage :

Let’s be clear: Settlement expansion has nothing to do with Israel’s security. Many settlements actually increase the security burden on the Israeli Defense Forces. And leaders of the settler movement are motivated by ideological imperatives that entirely ignore legitimate Palestinian aspirations.

Among the most troubling illustrations of this point has been the proliferation of settler outposts that are illegal under Israel’s own laws. They’re often located on private Palestinian land and strategically placed in locations that make two states impossible. There are over 100 of these outposts. And since 2011, nearly one-third of them have been or are being legalized, despite pledges by past Israeli governments to dismantle many of them.

Now leaders of the settler movement have advanced unprecedented new legislation that would legalize most of those outposts. For the first time, it would apply Israeli domestic law to the West Bank rather than military law, which is a major step towards the process of annexation.

Trump is simply not interested in those kind of equivocations.

Meanwhile, in Syria

The fierce Israeli/Trump responses to Kerry and the UN resolution have tended to overshadow the other major story that has been unfolding in parallel.

In Syria, a limited ceasefire and framework for further negotiation has been hammered out. According to Reuters, this deal will significantly reduce the powers of Bashir al-Assad and effectively carve up the country into spheres of influence for Turkey, Iran and Russia, with the US being totally frozen out of the process. The Kurds (who have been fighting the forces of Islamic fundamentalism in order to carve out an enclave in northern Syria for themselves) would also be major losers if this arrangement comes to pass. So far, only a couple of rebel groups have joined the ceasefire, and the main “terrorist” groups (ie, IS and the former al-Nusra Front) have been specifically excluded from it.

How different this outcome is from what the West had intended to happen. Five years ago, the Syria conflict was supposed to peel off the Assad regime, replace it with a weak “moderate” administration dependent on the West, and thereby isolate Iran entirely. Instead, Assad has been successfully propped up by Iran, by Hizbollah and by Russia – and Donald Trump appears to be intent on ripping up the US/Iran agreement that constituted Plan B for the Obama administration, once Assad’s survival had become inevitable.

In 2017, it will be interesting to see how President Trump’s can juggle his love affair with Russia, his demonising of Iran and the imminent sellout of the Kurds in the wider cause of currying favour with Turkey. Not to mention how in neighbouring Iraq, demonizing Iran and selling out the Kurds can possibly co-exist with (a) the American desires to continue to prop up a Shia regime in Baghdad that is essentially Iran’s puppet and (b) with the West’s continued reliance on the Kurds as a significant fighting force in the ‘liberation’ of Mosul and Raqqa. Its going to be hard to fit such complexities into a 140-character tweet. _

McCully, adieu

Finally, back to the UN resolution. McCully is due to step down as Foreign Minister at the end of April. Clearly, he has been given a bit more time by PM Bill English to complete this UN process – changing him on the eve of the UN vote would have been very awkward – and in the interim, McCully may even be able to reap some of those trade rewards in the Middle East (that fabled FTA with Saudi Arabia?) that would finally vindicate McCully personally over the Saudi sheep fiasco, and would ring down the curtain on his political career in triumph.

Sometimes….doing what’s good for trade can happily co-incide with Doing What’s Right, even if that latter bit is very much in the eye of the beholder. The Trans Pacific Partnership – for instance – was a diplomatic manoeuvre (and the centre-piece of Obama’s ‘tilt to the Pacific’ intended to isolate and contain China) that was being disguised as a trade pact. For New Zealand, this recent UN resolution was the reverse : a trade gambit disguised as a diplomatic manoeuvre. The added diplomatic advantage being that, this time, we’re not being drawn into a ploy meant to isolate China.

And how it used to be…

Here’s a tune from the old days of the 1950s when US and Israeli foreign policy used to play in complete unison like…well, just like those twins of the grand piano, Ferrante and Teicher.

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  1. McDaggy … yuck hose him off, put him in container to Saudi before he gets his press agent to try to legitimize war crimes.
    NZ politician looks like he crawled outta the ass of the neocon bankster’s Israeli puppet Netanyahu (or just got to give him a “glad hand”).

    Mincing words and changing the legal name of an illegal act against the Palestinian people does not legitimize crimes or make his war crimes and human rights violations OK.
    The UN are another daggy group of banking cabal’s neocons with a globalization agenda. Saying one thing and doing the opposite.

    Trump is only interested in what the banksters say he is interested in.

  2. The UN council resolution 2334 is very late, but the emphasis on US-Israeli reaction is unwarranted. This has been a European, chinese, Russian and others voice being heard at last.
    that is a step forward which will hopefully continue forward with greater strength and backing by the more than 70 countries already attending the French initiative on 15 Jan.
    a start to getting a rogue nation back on some sort of reality and new track…..
    to be followed and reported on I hope.

  3. The UN resolution is meaningless, completely meaningless.

    McDaggy will be right at home grovelling around at his new office in the bankster’s UN.

  4. The UN resolves tokeep supporting the banking cabal’s Israel branch( as usual) and its human rights violations and war crimes.

  5. Gordon, I see your two anarchists, Annabel and Helen, are hitting your comment section again. Have they ever agreed with…..well, anything?

    I agree with you that the UN resolution has been one of the most high profile achievements of New Zealand diplomacy on the world stage for many years. True, the resolution is largely symbolic, but is definitely not completely meaningless.

    And if it is, what do these two genius’s propose?

  6. The new problem for the “Greater Israel” project is that there is now a U.N. resolution to support the international BDS (boycott, divestment, sanctions) movement. And any local, domestic laws banning such BDS activities can now be “redressed”. This poses potentially MASSIVE problems for Israeli international trade. Apart from the unwanted attention, it’s no wonder that Bibi’s got his pants in a twist. He’s demonstrably outraged over a “largely symbolic” act? No, he’s quite rationally VERY scared of the possible consequences.

  7. The UN resolution means nothing.
    The media released resolution is just that a high profile appearance of words of diplomacy all done without ending criminal actions against the Palestinians.
    Acting like human beings seems like the obvious solution for both the war propagandists ( “Dennis”) and for racist people (Netanyahu), people that mistreat and hate other people(themselves).
    *Serial killers often start with animals and that is what McDaggy has done with his horrible cruelty to sheep, only psychopaths would promote psychopaths.

  8. So Anabel my dear, what’s your solution to ending criminal actions against the Palestinians? You always seem willing to rubbish everybody else’s ideas, but never come up with any ideas of your own. Try thinking positively. Make it your New Years resolution.

  9. The simple solution was provided but you failed to read it:
    Netanyahu can immediately stop his criminal actions against the Palestinians in what is an apartheid state.

    This simple solution of stopping harmful actions would end them, thus it is a real solution, a solution that the UNs empty words cannot achieve.

  10. So Anabel…how do we citizens of the World…..”immediately stop (Netanyahu’s) criminal actions against the Palestinians in what is an apartheid state”? Are you demanding Regime Change in Israel? Like we did with Saddam and Gadhafi? I thought you were anti-war? So am I. So how do we get the result you want? What is this simple solution of stopping harmful actions that you are proposing? Still looking from something concrete from you.

  11. What is this simple solution of stopping harmful actions that you are proposing? Still looking from something concrete from you.

    Simple Dennis! BDS. It worked ending one Apartheid state and will in time end this one.

  12. No war propagandist, its not complex.
    Stopping his criminal actions against the Palestinians is easy for the PM of Israel to do . Its called cessation.
    You sound like a foolish wife beater that is confused when he is told the solution to save his marriage is to stop beating his wife.
    “How do I stop beating my wife? and I think it will not stop my wife being beaten by me…. I need a regime change”

    A new year ( and its already full of idiot Zionist warmongers).

  13. @ Dennis the propagandist,
    The banking cabal’s “regime” changes are only the surface and so we the people have never sees any real change.
    All the costly invasions and illegal wars (based on lies or that you call ” regime changes” )did nothing but create odious debt for the people, take lives and cause suffering.
    Warmongers cannot see peace as a solution .

  14. Israel often makes the claim that it is the only democracy in the Middle East. Its laws are determined by a democratic process.

    Sadly in a world of nation-states, the concept of national sovereignty has always served as protection against outside interference even in countries where democratically promulgated Laws result in criminal state behavior. Israel is not the first state where its national government has claimed that it’s laws oppressing minority groups reflect national security needs.

    Outside states have traditionally been reluctant to interfere lest their own national sovereignty be eroded by the precedent of open intervention. On the other hand, Western powers have been avid practitioners of selective “Regime Change.” Hypocrisy is rampant. In such conditions the rule of law and the notion of justice are allowed to remain provincial and, as in Israel’s case, indistinguishable from criminality.

    Unfortunately, there are no policemen to apprehend criminals of Benjamin Netanyahu’s stature. Even the International Criminal Court will probably not attempt to do so. But that does not mean the Zionist state will continue to escape the consequences of its criminal behavior. Step by step Israel has become a pariah state that lives in increasing social, cultural and economic isolation. It is to be fervently hoped that Netanyahu’s throwing of a temper tantrum on Dec. 24 after the U.S. failed to veto United Nations Security Council Resolution 2234 condemning Zionist settlements on Palestinian territory will speed up this process.

    And yes Andrew, I agree that BDS is constructive part of the solution.

  15. National identification has always been a requirement for wars, the false idea provides has provided no security to people rather provided an ‘us vs them’ idea, and idea essential for the bankster’s perpetual wars.
    The zionist idea that oppressive and unlawful legislation is needed to protect the people is obviously a lie when oppressive legislation just protects those banksters that rule nations.
    Israel calls the State of Palestine “Israel”, the West Bank including East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip does have a democracy. They do not even freedom of association, clean water and food have also been withheld.
    The idea of “Rule by the people” ( or democracy) is but Zionist bankster dogma .
    To have a democracy there would also need to be an independent media which we do not have— a free press — . Voters should have access to not just opinions but, more importantly, to facts. It is vital that people’s views are not influenced by biased reporting, opinions, by media moguls with their own agendas who are able to twist their audience’s opinions to suit their own ends.

  16. “I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire and I control the British money supply.” – Nathan Rothschild

    Those who control the economy control the nation, all nations are now central banking nations and who cares what puppets the Empire puts in place? They then vilify them (to start a war) and then replace them with people whom they control.
    Same empire, no sign of democracy.

    People living in the State of Palestine( a place you call Israel) have no democracy.

    In NZ we also have a media conglomerate, we have no true freedom of press , we have no constitution written by the people , we have no independent judiciary (as all the Court employees and ministry of Justice are paid employees of the Bank of England’s Crown nz govt). We are forced by the tyrannical empire to borrow money from private bankers with interest and we are being put in debt to them, we have no economic policy independence from these banksters. The people of NZ do not have the facts, they are relentlessly bombarded with media propaganda.

    What we have in NZ is have an illegitimate Bank of England Crown monopoly .
    With the Banksters globalization agenda the WCC now the Rockefeller’s agent Mike Mendonça (an X garbage manager) who is now a top-level adviser to the city’s mayor and chief executive.
    And no one questions this very undemocratic stealth privatization of the WCC as they listen to the propaganda and believe the false news of the mainstream media.

  17. The meaningless UN resolution is just to stir up conflict, as though an apartheid state is a goal.
    Its not like bankster puppets Netanyahu and Murray McDaggy did not know that pushing people out of their homes, stopping their food and clean water supplies and imprisoning them is an unlawful act.
    The bankster’s media moguls that only now in 2017 are vilifying Netanyahu will replace him, while the banksters goal is to create more stress, tension, disconnect and conflict in the region.

    The meaningless UN resolution is seeking to legitimize their totally illegitimate plan for the region. An apartheid state for humanity is never a solution, it is a recipe for continued conflict.

  18. Who are the “banksters” that you Kiwi’s have your panties all in a wad over? You guys need to start reading different comics! LOL
    To say that “The meaningless UN resolution is seeking to legitimize their totally illegitimate plan for the region” is just rubbish. What is this illegitimate plan you are referring to? The UN resolution is a step to try and mitigate the Israel apartheid state and continued conflict.

  19. @ Alex, spot on as for sure expressed desire of the creation of an apartheid state is all done in order to escalate conflict ,maintain the unlawful occupation of Palestine and to continue the racism ….and that is just what the bankster’s Empire wants.
    What idiot would believe the Israeli media propagandist solution to the racism and conflict is apartheid??
    Apartheid is a system of racial discrimination and separation.

  20. If the ‘2-state solution’ is a dead duck, Gordon, then what is the solution? Is there a solution? Years ago, Edward Said (d 2003)said that the ‘right of return’ option had never been offered by Israel. Is it too late to offer a welcome to those Palestinians who wish to return to Israel? Those who would come back would challenge a notion that Israel (Zionist/nonzionist?) has no right to exist and would create new hope if actually actioned with safety. The Netanyahu factions in Israel would be put on the defensive. A practical problem involves to what would the Palestinians ‘return’? The neighbourhoods of the displaced Palestinians have been destroyed and replaced with Jewish neighbourhoods.
    This has apparently become only a hypothetical solution as I never hear it discussed anymore. Can it be placed on the agenda again?

  21. There is no logic to NZs position sponsoring this UNSC
    resolution. There is no upside to NZ, only downsides as NZ pokes Trump in the eye, forces Australia to distance
    Themselves from NZ etc. NZers will think “I won’t worry about it until the US bans NZ imports and countries like Australia take a step backwards and make immigration tougher , and NZ interest rates soar, unemployment rises and property prices collapse. The only option will be to overthrow the National Gvt idiots that backed this move to show the world this was the work of a few isolated fools and not the belief of NZers who were “had”. WHY DID MCCULLY DO THIS? Oh, that’s easy. Key, Obama and John Kerry (all multi millionaire outgoing politicians who are fed up with Israel) told gimp boy McCully to do it, and deliberately pawned out 4.5M NZers who don’t deserve this crap.

  22. The change needed for peace is seeing the unity in the apparent diversity, one person at a time finding peace within themselves.
    Not being lead by ignorance.

    Not the way people are taught by the Govt to identify themselves not as human beings but as either ” Palestinian or Israeli”.
    In NZ the Crown NZ govt separates people into racial groups and practice racism in NZ (as Maori or European..). Divide and conquer.

  23. Anabel, how can anybody take you seriously? You are the biggest “divide and conquer” poster on this forum. In every post you are trying to divide people into those who believe in being governed by sovereign democratic governments and International Laws, and your mob, which is apparently the anarchists.
    Your idea that somehow New Zealand government “teaches” Kiwi’s to identify themselves not as human beings is laughable. And maybe a reflection of your own paranoia’s. Governments are not in the “teaching” business. That’s the job of responsible parents, our school teachers, and University Professors.
    And your first paragraph…I think the term is “When hell freezes over.”

  24. Anabel, think about it this way. Building “peace” is like building a “highway”. It can’t be built one person at a time building the highway herself, each with a different personnel idea. It takes cooperation and agreement of all the code writers, legal people, designers and engineers, and contractors. To achieve this, there has to be an overall governance of Society that sets the goal and then the rules to build the highway. That’s what Governments do. Hopefully democratically in little ole Nu Ziland.
    If you want peace, you need to become involved in the existing democratic system with a majority of your fellow Kiwi’s with like minded goals.
    You are not going to see peace suddenly break out with a bunch individuals sitting on their couche’s “finding peace within themselves”. One man’s concept of peace maybe another mans concept of war.
    What do you think my dear?

  25. And Anabel, who’s going to the referee if I find that it is essential to my finding peace within(my)self requires that you not be permitted to post on this forum?

  26. New Zealand does not have a democracy, like other central banking nations run by banksters there is no “rule by the people”.
    As for the Crown NZ Govt’s f- show or the “election process” which is just a media campaign which you confuse with having a democracy, we have a media conglomerate. This means there is no free press just media moguls opinion filling the minds of ” like minded” people, a group of banksters dictate our policies and control our economy through the central banking system and hell “Whoever you vote for the Crown NZ govt always gets in”

    NZ education system is not private it is the govt that sets the teaching curriculum, the govt is actually in the business of teaching.
    Just as the judiciary/legal system is not independent from Crown nz Govt either.
    Its all a monopoly.

    Peace has nothing to do with you being identified with your opinion (which ironically is all bankster zionist propaganda).
    A system of racism and segregation such as the UN’s desired ” apartheid state” has never created peace .

    Peace is already here, you just keep disturbing it with ideas you can build it, make it or “do” something to create peace.

    Peace is with those who sit on a couch finding themselves, just being. But you will not find much peace in people with a will to power, people who are not peaceful obsessed with personal gain, doing and with wrong ideas believing the govt that unlawfully “evicting” people from their homes, stopping their food supply and harming them is “right action”. That is what the governments today do, they create problems, they grow racism and make wars.

    If peace is not in the human heart not much can be done to manifest peace.
    Lucky for us human beings that it is.

    My censorship will not help you find peace within or make you a peaceful human being .
    The zionists may even stop paying you $$ to post propaganda, LOL.

  27. It’s probably pretty tough to be a Zionist propagandist when one was born in Otaki, went to Horowhenua College and Victoria University, married an atheist wife, and lived and worked in Seattle for ones entire working life, eh Anabel?
    BTW, if you are unhappy with the way the Crown NZ govt system of democracy, maybe you would be happier in…..say Zimbabwe. You obviously have no idea about democracy as practiced by different countries in our big wide World. Have you ever lived in a foreign country dear Anabel? Why am I guessing that you do not have a clue how good you have it here in little ole Nu Ziland.

  28. Just to satisfy my own curiosity I looked up The Democracy Index. An index compiled by the UK based Economist Intelligence Unit, that measures the state of democracy in 167 countries, of which 166 are sovereign states and 165 are UN member states. The index is based on 60 indicators grouped in five different categories measuring pluralism, civil liberties, and political culture.
    In 2015, New Zealand was 4th, behind only Norway, Iceland and Sweden. The UK was 16th. The USA, 20th.
    So if you are unhappy with living in “New Zealand (that)does not have a democracy….(and is) run by banksters (and) there is no “rule by the people”….there are three places you could move to. If they are accepting immigrants from such an undemocratic third world country like New Zealand

  29. Democracy or “Rule by the people” is not apparent in govt.
    Our political culture is toxic and if the dysfunctional and unregulated Crown nz govt measured itself it would not be admitting its sorry state.
    There is no democracy, the Banking cabal’s war org (the UN) can try to tell us we have rule by people in govt , but the fact remain that we just don’t .

    The current political culture (egocentric self serving politicians, govt denials of facts and coverups) and pluralism, well sorry but these concepts are actually different to a democracy “rule by the people”.
    We have a disgusting political culture of denial and dysfunction.

    I can see that being a propagandist is not hard for you Dennis.
    Claiming to be from brOtaki this week, next week you will again be an “American voting for Trump”.
    Propagandists are in the business of lies, and we know from the Palestinian State how much zionist propagandists really enjoy telling people to leave.

  30. Anabel,
    As Benjamin Disraeli, the 1st Earl of Beaconsfield,(1804 –1881), the British politician and writer who twice served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom once said… “It’s much easier to be critical than to be correct”.

  31. Poor bastard.
    Since Disraeli was seen as “incorrect” in so many of his actions, (including his promoting of the apartheid state). I imagine that quote you use was early propaganda, an emotive spin to try to stop any public criticism of the Empire .
    Ha ha ha its probably not even an original quote as one of the zionist politician’s many scandals ( not the one for exporting his “bastard children” his bloodline to New Zealand ) was for his ” lazy plagiarism of an obscure French historian”.
    Poor poor bastard, he couldn’t even write “correctly” and just stole others work. He could not even see plagiarism is incorrect action.
    I find the facts to be “easy” .Its all the disraelies that probably are not easy and you get caught out , I mean how do you keep track of all your lies being an American Trump voter one week and a Kiwi the next?? LOL.

  32. Anabel my dear, I have not told one lie. You on the other hand have turned to ad hominin attacks. Attacking your opponent’s character or personal traits in an attempt to undermine their argument. The lowest form of argument. Not only slander, but a sure sign that you know that you losing the argument.

  33. So useless UN resolution is published. Let see what we, kiwis , achieved by this:
    1. Problematic relation with new US government.
    2. Diplomatic crisis with Israel.
    3. NZ now associated with such a ” peace seeking ” countries as Senegal and Indonesia that sponsored this initiative with us.
    4. Our neighbour and long time allie Australia is condemning NZ foreign policy saying we betrayed ANZAC values .

    Well done Hon. Minister of Foreign Affairs ! You are such a gift !

  34. “Dennis” do stop worrying about the state of your character, for you are an American voting for Trump-whom you said you thought was “the lesser evil” one week- and a Kiwi from brOtaki the next week . LOL .
    If anything you are the victim of your own character assassination.

    Fact is the apartheid state is a system of racism and separatism.
    Your quote of a “lazy plagiarizing” scandalous Zionist politician who was attempting to set up an apartheid state and stop the mass public criticism of it is not an argument – you flatter yourself.

  35. @Corriander, we Kiwis have nothing to do with the UNs resolutions we did not draft it and as we have no democracy we have had no say on what the govt ministers do or say . NZ is seen supporting war in actions and is not associated with peace.
    The majority of Kiwi’s do not support the Crown’s minister McDaggy.

  36. @Mikey, the Crown ministers represent the Crown’s interests only. Good point that the unsupported actions of the Bank of England’s Crown ministers are not the actions or words of the people.
    The banksters and their pro war UN org are trying to make the meaningless UN resolution look like something its not .
    The false news from mainstream media about alleged conflict between McDaggy and Netanyahu is just for show, to make the meaningless UN ” resolution” look like something its not. NZs active participation in invasions and wars in the middle while the false news says NZ support peace.
    The hollow words of the Bank of England’s Crown about peace are not seen in actions. By deceit they wage their wars.

    For the UN its just “war crimes” as usual.

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