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  1. Of course theres no evidence whatsoever that the Wikileaks revelations came via the Russians It’s just a diversionary tactic to avoid talking abot a scandal that had the media raised it a year ago would have sunk Clintons campaign, but given Clinton is the most likely candidate I have ever seen in 50 years to start WW3 with Russia, I wouldnt blame them – and we should be grateful. Not keen on nuclear war.

  2. The history of how the emails came to be published, and the motivation behind whoever hacked and published them, are verging on irrelevant in-so-far as the content of the emails is scandalous and the emails themselves are genuine.

    This is dirty politics times a million and the Clinton campaign seems to be busy doing everything it can to shift the public’s focus from the content of the emails to the motive of the thief. Unsurprisingly, this is similar to how National handled dirty politics in New Zealand. Indeed, I would guess DC consultants are busy studying the ins and outs of dirty politics.

    Anyway, if we know anything about how the Clintons operate, it seems likely that the issue will be handled aggressively and with the utmost dishonesty. It also now seems possible or likely that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Governments who are opposed to Clinton will have databases of evidence and information relating to her’s and her husband’s extensive criminal histories. I am generally very skeptical of conspiracy theories, but there are some stories relating to the Clinton duo that hold water.

    I’d recommend reading a Vanity Fair article by the late Christopher Hitchens (possibly not the most popular journalist here) called ‘I’ll never eat lunch in this town again’. Regardless of who wrote it, it details one small chapter of Clintonian scandal from the perspective of a very influential Washington insider. I like it because I think it is credible and is based on first-hand observations. Enjoy.

  3. What would be even more interesting is a potential release of some or all of the 33,000 emails that were deleted from Clinton’s personal email server. Firstly, noting that Clinton has been unable to produce these emails despite a subpoena, imagine if a sinister force added new & invented scandal to a dump of HRC emails. For instance, changing a handful of the emails to make them seem more underhanded. Now, the only way Clinton could respond is by publishing the originals. This would force her hand. Or perhaps the emails will mysteriously reappear in the White House Library!!

    All in all, it is crystal clear that Sanders represented the best hope for the Democratic Party and for America.

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