***** Werewolf Issue 59, February 2016 *****


Obsolete, At Birth

Already, the European Commission wants to scrap the TPP’s investor-state dispute mechanisms

by Gordon Cambpell


Killing For A Living

The human cost of the ‘killing animals for food’ industry

by Andy West


The Great Financial Crisis Still To Come

An interview with Financial Times columnist John Kay

by Max Rashbrooke


He’s Not Here

David Bowie never endorsed Velvet Goldmine but it has become the ideal tribute film.

by Philip Matthews


Corresponding To Life

Writing – and getting – letters is still something to treasure

by Ana Avia-O’Connor


From the Hood : The Afterlife of Pablo

Kanye do something with this album cover meme? Ye kan!

by Lyndon Hood


Tom Petty : Keeping Hard Promises

A terrific new biography of Tom Petty rekindles the love for one of music’s most under-rated stars.

by Gordon Campbell

manbekun 2

The Cult of Cuteness

How the Japanese concept of kawaii exalts female vulnerability

by Gordon Campbell


David Bowie Meets Laurence Aberhart

Revisiting a 1978 photo shoot encounter with The Thin White Duke….

by Gordon Campbell


The Complicatist : Japanese Music

Japanese hip-hop, noise music, J-Pop, and a whole lot more besides….

by Gordon Campbell


***** Werewolf Issue 58, November 2015 *****

The November 2015 Issue of Werewolf

by Werewolf