From the Hood : The Afterlife of Pablo

Kanye do something with this album cover meme? Ye kan!

Recently Kanye West, whose Twitter presence is as self-centered as a spinning top that’s mistaken itself for a planet, announced a new album. The cover looks like this:

Well and good.

Around the same time one Martin Shkreli – previously noted for buying the rights to an immunotherapy drug and hiking the cost five thousand percent, then not hiking the cost so much, while apparently being vaguely pleased by the public outrages generated between times, then being arrested on securities fraud charges – publicly offered ten million dollars (later raised to fifteen) to buy West’s new album for his exclusive use.

the life of pablo - censored

Shkreli, who is not a villain from either the Bond or Star Trek franchises, has previously purchased the Wu Tang Clan Album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, the only copy which was offered for sale for two million dollars.

the life of pablo – eat Kanye to gain ego – Martin Shkreli

Anyway, there followed – according to Shkreli’s Twitter account – some updates from the Pablo negotiations:

the life of Pablo – scared cat – who tf has my $15 million

The album has since been released. Shkreli appears to have been lying about everything but at least he’s about to get a lot of lube in the mail.

All this did get me thinking who else might be cheered up by a personalized Kanye album.

For example, the man so insulted by the Prime Minister’s claim he had been fishing he issued a unilateral bet in response.

the life of Pablo – Winston Peters – I'm not on a boat

Later that week Mr Peters was also not on a bus. He has since had a tropical cyclone named after him.

Another possible recipient is the Minister who famously* only knows one way of solving problems, even though she never actually got to use it in her previous tenure as Police Minister.

The life of Pablo – Judith Collins – crushed no cars

The life of Pablo – Judith Collins – Did drink milk tho

[*actually her solution to problems is publicly releasing personal information collected by the Government.]

There are other candidates.

The life of Pablo – Andrew Little – Are you down with TPP

The life of Pablo – Murray McCully – in sheep's colthes

The life of Pablo – John Key – fading photocopy

The life of Pablo – Bill English – Exactly one surplus

And Steven Joyce could probably do with some cheering up about now.

The life of Pablo – Steven Joyce – Leads to all roads

But to return to our original topic: Cartoonish supervillians.

It’s difficult to forget the employer whose recent lockouts and attempts to force workers to work on public holidays [update: and this] has reinforced their reputation for cracking down on workers’ rights beyond the point of self-interest or indeed the bounds of the law.

This, of course, makes them a bad employer. In the eyes of almost everyone.

The life of Pablo – AFFCO – *Sir* Peter Talley