***** Werewolf 55, May 2015 *****

Mad Max : they’re not just getting mad, they’re getting even

The rise of the precariat : Why is income security a thing of the past ?

Will you join the fight to ban the single-use plastic bag ?


Castles in The Square

Has the building of convention centres become our new cargo cult ?

by Gordon Campbell


Down The Up Ladder

A diagnosis for the age of income anxiety

by Richard McLachlan


Banning The Bag, & Bagging The Ban

The politics of controlling the plastic in our lives

by Rosalea Barker


In The City Of The Precariat

The subsistence existence is an incoming tide

by Richard McLachlan


Mad To the Max

Fury Road drives its metaphors to hell, and back

by Gordon Campbell


Out Of Control

How and why New Zealanders have come to be putting in longer hours at work…

by Harry Johnson


The Complicatist : Loving the Songs of the Vulgar Boatmen

Good lyric writing can be a thing of wonder

by Gordon Campbell


***** Werewolf Issue 54, April 2015 *****

The March 2015 edition of Werewolf

by Werewolf