***** Werewolf Issue 52, December 2014 *****

Philip Matthews chooses the Best Films of 2014

Finally, is climate change denial no longer a viable political tactic?

What would we see if politicians hit the dating apps?


Public Health : The Silent Crisis

How the public health system is being driven into the ground

by Gordon Campbell


‘This Changes Everything’

Climate change and the failure of frat boy politics

by Richard McLachlan

Scarlett Johansson - Under The Skin (2013) 2

The Year In Film

It felt like a remarkably good year for cinema. And that was without getting Godard in 3D.

by Philip Matthews


Tough, But Tinder

What political secrets might we conceivably find lurking within Tinder dating app profiles?

by Gordon Campbell


Churchill’s Betrayal of Greece

When Churchill sided with Hitler, against the partisans

by Ed Vulliamy and Helena Smith


Rescuing Paul Robeson

The great singer/activist, written out of history during the Cold War, is now being re-evaluated

by Gordon Campbell


Katniss Joins The News Team

In Mockingjay Part One, everyone’s working for the media

by Gordon Campbell


From The Hood : The Politician’s Song

A General description of a Major problem

by Lyndon Hood

Broadway Lafayette

Art on the New York Subways

Catching trains to a different sort of glory

by Richard McLachlan


The Complicatist : Arthur Russell

A tribute to the recently re-discovered innovator

by Gordon Campbell


***** Werewolf Issue 51, November 2014 *****

The November 2014 edition of Werewolf

by Werewolf