***** Werewolf Issue 49, July 2014 *****

Could this little chap be one good reason for HATING politicians?

Was it bad science that got Pluto unfairly kicked out of the planetary club?

Is Scotland going to say “No” to independence?


Change Partners

An interview with Internet Party leader Laila Harre

by Gordon Campbell


Why Politicians Are Hated

Its election time, and an alien life form is once more among us, seeking our allegiance

by Gordon Campbell


Scotland The Maybe Not-So-Brave

Is the vote for independence destined to be yet another noble-but-doomed episode in Scottish history?

by Gordon Campbell


Scotland’s Vote : The View from Wales

Freedom for Scotland would be ‘a beacon for social justice’ throughout the UK

by Leanne Woods


Antenna Wars

In the Aereo case, the US Supreme Court uses copyright to protect the ancient business models of TV content providers

by Rosalea Barker


Welcome Back, Pluto

Science may be, should be, rethinking its decision to kick Pluto out of the planetary club

by Gordon Campbell


From The Lost Continent

Youth, art and radical politics in the Olivier Assayas film After May

by Philip Matthews


From The Hood : Carry On Captaining

Its lonely at the top, but the view is grand

by Lyndon Hood


Who Put the Buddha in Budapest?

Good times, beer bikes and historo-enlightenment in the heart of Hungary

by Rosalea Barker


The Complicatist : Blue Eyed & Soulful

From the Righteous Brothers to Yelawolf and beyond…

by Gordon Campbell


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The June 2014 Edition of Werewolf

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