* * * * * WEREWOLF ISSUE 47, April 2014 * * * * *

How come Iran is creating so many great modern films ?

Should we be feeling sorry for the super-rich ?

Will women miss out on the high-paying jobs in the Christchurch rebuild ?


Lest We Remember

As millions of dollars are spent on World War I and the Anzacs, the 150th anniversary of the wars at home are getting short shrift

by Alison McCulloch


Anzac Day : Identity Politics, With Guns

There’s a void in our sense of nationalism, and Anzac Day is how we choose to fill it

by Anne Russell


Trading In Stereotypes

In the Christchurch rebuild, will women miss out on most of the high-paying jobs?

by Gordon Campbell


Out Of The Past

In films like A Separation and The Past, Asghar Farhadi has become Iran’s most celebrated cultural export. There’s a price.

by Gordon Campbell


Scotland On The Brink

Are the wheels falling off the Better Together campaign against Scottish independence?

by Gerry Hassan


Sympathy For The One Per Cent

The uber-rich have problems, too

by Gordon Campbell


Berkeley : Surviving the 21st Century

A personal view of Frederick Wiseman’s documentary At Berkeley

by Rosalea Barker


From The Hood : Fol-De-Royal

Werewolf wasn’t paying close attention to the royal tour but we thought we’d have a go at the whole coverage thing anyway.

by Lyndon Hood


Aspirational Television

West Wing And The Lost Political Dream

by Benjamin Neikrie


Travelling Light : In the Borderlands of Putin’s Empire

Where In The World Is Chisinau, Moldova?

by Rosalea Barker


The Complicatist : Jackson C. Frank, Mark Kozelek

The love songs of the middle-aged mope

by Gordon Campbell

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The March 2014 Edition of Werewolf

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