* * * * * WEREWOLF ISSUE 42, September 2013 * * * * *

This vamp has made a great vampire movie

Tony Abbott has a fetish about putting the Aussie economy in surplus. Be afraid.

The art of provoking your parents, and the nation


Australian Election : They’re A Weird Mob

Watching on (in horror) as our Australian cousins hold an election

by Gordon Campbell


Australian Election : Fetishizing The Surplus

Economist John Quiggin on the state of the Australian economy

by Gordon Campbell


Australian Election : Blaming The Boat People

As Rudd and Abbott use asylum seekers as a political football…

by Gordon Campbell


Drugstore Vampires

There’s still plenty of life left in the undead….

by Philip Matthews


Jordan, Bearing The Brunt

The spillover from the war in Syria is taking its toll on Jordan’s fragile institutions

by Anwar Raza Rizvi


From The Hood : Armchairs At Dawn

A mind is a terribly wasteful thing to democratize…

by Lyndon Hood


The Complicatist : Miley Cyrus, and Dancing About Architecture

Feet don’t fail my words

by Gordon Campbell


* * * * * WEREWOLF ISSUE 41, August 2013 * * * * *

The Augusr 2013 Edition of Werewolf

by Werewolf