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Has apathy killed Iceland’s experiment in democratic constitutional reform ?

Was Top of The Lake really all that good ?

Is this the weird place where National Standards and classroom tests are taking us ?


Risky Business

The threat posed to our marine and coastal environment by the Texas oil company, Anadarko

by Gordon Campbell


Fighting To Choose

An excerpt from Alison McCulloch’s new book about the battle for abortion rights in New Zealand

by by Alison McCulloch


The Quiet American

Celebrating the career of film-maker, Les Blank

by Gordon Campbell


Testing, Testing… But Not Teaching

How standardised classroom tests are producing some frightening outcomes in the US

by Gordon Campbell


Iceland Walks Itself Backwards

Iceland’s attempt to write a new Constitution hits an electoral headwind

by Giulia Dessi


Campion, Gatsby, Godard and Jesus Franco

What should we make of Jane Campion’s return to television? Also: should you be worried about Baz Luhrmann’s Great Gatsby? Is Godard great – and who was Jesus Franco?

by Philip Matthews


From The Hood : Factual Correctness Gone Mad

In which we hear about the journalistic standard of accuracy and think it sounds like a fantastic idea.

by Lyndon Hood


The Complicatist : Precious Bryant

Paying dues to the Piedmont style of blues

by Gordon Campbell


One Person’s Trash is Another’s Treasure

Practical sustainability, as a part of everyday life in Argentina

by Amy Vinicombe


Travelling Light : Argentina Plays By Its Own Rules

A visit to a country with striking similarities to New Zealand, but vastly different policies

by Marc Thornley

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The March 2013 Edition of Werewolf

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