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Is it curtains now for Julian Assange?

How the policing of pregnancy is eroding the rights of women

Django Unchained : Is Tarantino running on empty?


Cool Capital, Cold Comfort

Does the elected council in Wellington even know what’s happening to its Council work force and services?

by Gordon Campbell


Capital at the Crossroads

An interview with Wellington mayor Celia Wade-Brown

by Sue Kedgley


Policing Pregnancy

In the rush to protect children, are the rights of pregnant women being overlooked?

by Alison McCulloch


Assange At Bay

An interview with Julian Assange’s lawyer, Jennifer Robinson

by Gordon Campbell


Slaves To The Rhythm

Two decades after Pulp Fiction, Quentin Tarantino is treading water. (But P.T. Anderson’s The Master is original and innovative.)

by Philip Matthews

living wage

Bringing The Living Wage To Life

How to create a legal mechanism to promote social justice

by Gordon Campbell


The Art of Torture

Zero Dark Thirty and Argo tangle with journalism, and journalism loses

by Gordon Campbell


Pussy Riot Are Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

The Russians are mounting a stealth attack at the UN on the definition of human rights

by Maggie Murphy


From The Hood : Texts From My PM

Lyndon Hood wonders why these people haven’t run out of credit

by Lyndon Hood


The Complicatist : Somewhere In Time

Celebrating the life and music of Gary Stewart

by Gordon Campbell


That Muslim Look

‘Looking Muslim’ is already problematic for some travelers

by Brannavan Gnanalingam

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The November 2012 Edition of Werewolf

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