* * * * * WEREWOLF ISSUE 36, November 28, 2012 * * * * *

How come Government agencies are buying adverts on pirate websites?

How drug companies are trying to make Pharmac spend more on medicines

See this movie – the best films of 2012


Into The Cave of Dreams – Trans Pacific Partnership

Is the Trans Pacific Partnership a free trade mirage?

by Gordon Campbell


Selling the Farm – Trans Pacific Partnership

Just how much could a TPP deal to get our dairy into the United States really cost us?

by Alison McCulloch


The Neutering Of Pharmac – Trans Pacific Partnership

How the TPP trade deal means trouble for our drugs buying agency.

by Gordon Campbell


Head First Into The Spaghetti Bowl – Trans Pacific Partnership

An exclusive interview with the world’s leading trade scholar, Jagdish Bhagwati.

by Gordon Campbell



Copyright infringement is allegedly theft – so how come state agencies and corporates advertise on pirate sites?

by Greg Adamson


Hipster Irony and Capitalism

Hipsters are (really annoying) people too

by Anne Russell


Go To China

The best (and worst) films of 2012

by Philip Matthews


Art On Desolation Row

A great art museum endures, amidst social and environmental disaster by the Aral Sea

by Brannavan Gnanalingam


From The Hood : This Movie Sucks

Shouldn’t reality have a better script?

by Lyndon Hood


The Complicatist : Serengeti, Del Shannon, Lana Del Rey

Learning survival tactics from Brian Dennehy

by Gordon Campbell

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* * * * * WEREWOLF ISSUE 35, October 11, 2012 * * * * *

The October 2012 Edition of Werewolf

by Werewolf



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