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How could the Free Syrian Army have screwed things up so quickly?
What kind of world picks Vertigo as its best film?

Conservative law, liberal practice. Should our abortion laws be changed?


Mighty Foolish

Does anyone still think the share sales in state energy assets are a good idea?

by Gordon Campbell


Muddied Waters

The Government has to deal with Māori claims over water. It could start by behaving more like a Treaty Partner, and showing a little good faith.

by Alison McCulloch


Syria Diary

The Free Syrian Army – How To Lose Support And Alienate People In No Time

by Rita from Syria


Abortion in the Dock

The Supreme Court’s recent upholding of the status quo on abortion access doesn’t fix the problems our outdated abortion laws continue to create

by Alison McCulloch


The Dizzying Heights

This year, Vertigo finally replaced Citizen Kane as the best film ever made. If you can believe film critics, that is.

by Phillip Matthews


Woody Guthrie at 100

From revolutionary poet, to icon of American virtue…

by Gordon Campbell


Hating Australians Is Boring

Isn’t it time we gave up bitching about the neighbours?

by Gordon Campbell


London Calling: After The Gold, Hush

In the wake of the London Olympics, the legacy is a good deal less than bright and glittering

by Rory MacKinnon


From the Hood : Poor Show

Please, sir, can I have the implementation of a number of already-identified measures that have been shown internationally to mitigate poverty and benefit the wider economy?

by Lyndon Hood


The Complicatist : Music Gonna Shock You Like Electric

Celebrating Jamaica, and 50 years of independence

by Gordon Campbell

Cartoon Alley thumbnail

Cartoon Alley : Mat Tait & Mike Brown

Mat Tait is a South Island based cartoonist and illustrator. Mike Brown lives in Wellington and is currently writing a PhD thesis on New Zealand vernacular musics.

by Mike Brown & Mat Tait

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The September 2012 Edition of Werewolf

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