* * * * * WEREWOLF ISSUE 32, June 27, 2012 * * * * *

Can these guys really be our latest al Qaeda nightmare

Will Waihi get a fair deal from mining?

Paul Simon, still wants us to like Graceland and respect him. The second bit is hard.


Has The Peak Oil Idea… Peaked?

And if so, does the planet stand a chance?

by Gordon Campbell


Efficiency Is Not Your Friend

When they say ‘efficiency’ that’s when you should reach for your revolver

by Gordon Campbell


On Shaky Ground

Waihi tries to come to terms with the mine in its midst

by Alison McCulloch


Ghosts and Empty Sockets

Looking back at Paul Simon, Graceland and the end of apartheid

by Gordon Campbell


Manufacturing a Menace

Is Algeria Orchestrating the Terrorist Threat in Mali ?

by Gordon Campbell


London Calling: A Society in Lockdown

Forget the Queen’s diamond jubilee – the riots anniversary tells a different story about the state of Britain

by Rory MacKinnon


From The Hood: Eurorecovery Made Easy

The Spanish Economy, by a New Zealand Observer

by Lyndon Hood


The Complicatist: El-P, Killer Mike

Philip K. Dick Meets the Rappers, Downtown

by Gordon Campbell

Cartoon Alley thumbnail

Cartoon Alley : Mat Tait & Mike Brown

Mat Tait is a South Island based cartoonist and illustrator. Mike Brown lives in Wellington and is currently writing a PhD thesis on New Zealand vernacular musics.

by Mike Brown & Mat Tait


Milestone Movies: Out of the Past (1947) and Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011)

The past may be a far country, but we still live in it

by Gordon Campbell


Cartoon Alley : Brent Willis

Brent Willis currently lives in Lyall Bay, Wellington and has been making underground self-published comics since the mid 1990s.

by Brent Willis