* * * * * WEREWOLF ISSUE 27, October, 2011 * * * * *

Is this book the perfect children’s story?

Can the law stop the US government from taking your money?
Is Brad Pitt really at thee intersection of the personal and the cosmic? You bet.


Why State Capitalism Is Beating The Free Market

And why New Zealand is no good at either…

by Gordon Campbell


Human Rights, Pinochet and Asset Freezes

An interview with Baron Collins of Mapesbury, recently retired judge from the British Supreme Court

by Gordon Campbell


Nature’s Boy

The films of Terrence Malick, from Badlands to Tree of Life

by Philip Matthews


Left Coasting : Undaunted Oakland

Attempting to dream, amid gunfire

by Rosalea Barker

Book cover

Classics : Tom’s Midnight Garden (1958)

Life (and love) is a dream shared, in Philippa Pearce’s classic novel

by Gordon Campbell

neighbourhood_clear copy

From the Hood: Howdy Neighbour!

From a past life as a Muppet

by Lyndon Hood


The Complicatist: Alan Lomax

A biography of the man responsible for much of the folk, blues and subsequent pop music traditions we know today

by Gordon Campbell


Worlds At A Distance

In literature, do the avant-garde and the whimsical serve the same function?

by Mark P. Williams


Cartoon Alley : Brent Willis

Brent Willis currently lives in Lyall Bay, Wellington and has been making underground self-published comics since the mid 1990s.

by Brent Willis


* * * * * WEREWOLF ISSUE 26, October, 2011 * * * * *

The October 2011 Edition of Werewolf

by Werewolf


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