* * * * * WEREWOLF ISSUE 26, September 2011 * * * * *

Is playing top cricket a risk to your mental health?

How Lady and the Tramp taught kids that freedom is fine, but home is best
Should society decide when people are getting too old to vote?


Ten Myths About Asset Sales

Selling down the public’s stake in energy companies and Air NZ makes little sense, socially or economically

by Gordon Campbell


Cricket and Depression

Is there something about cricket that puts its top players at greater risk of mental illness?

by Gordon Campbell


Too Old To Vote?

As the population ages, will senile voters decide the election outcome in future?

by Gordon Campbell


Classics : Lady and the Tramp (1955) and Benji (1974)

How Disney (and others) teach children that living in a nice suburban home beats living free in the city

by Grace C. Russell


Left Coasting : Barricading the Information Superplaza

BART starts a free speech firestorm

by Rosalea Barker


Touching the Void

In Melancholia Lars von Trier hives off serenely into the cosmos

by Philip Matthews

canary in the coal mine

From the Hood: The Inspector Protector

Inspection is my life

by Lyndon Hood


Milestone Movies : Cave of Forgotten Dreams ( 2010)

This time, Werner Herzog’s process of turning obsession into art begins with art

by Brannavan Gnanalingham


The Complicatist : Retromania ( yet again)

We’re all busy making plans for the past

by Gordon Campbell


Imagining War

The ethical and stylistic issues in using real-life war zones as a basis for contemporary fiction

by Mark P. Williams

Cartoon Alley thumbnail

Cartoon Alley : Mat Tait & Mike Brown

Mat Tait is a South Island based cartoonist and illustrator. Mike Brown lives in Wellington and is currently writing a PhD thesis on New Zealand vernacular musics.

by Mike Brown & Mat Tait