Reviews and commentary #4… by Tim Bollinger

Kiwi Komix – Some Local Favourites

In New Zealand there’s a whole bunch of great comic strip artists who you won’t see in the local papers, either because their work is too eccentric, or too long, or too expensive, or just because New Zealand newspaper and magazine publishers are too unimaginative, or stingey or just have poor taste.

But good work gets around anyway (around the world in some cases – but their cartoon-style still remain anchored down here in the Pacific).

Here’s a handful of some of those artists that I’d love to see more from in the New Zealand press. Follow your nose and hopefully you’ll end up finding more of their work around the place too:

Jared Lane

Christchurch-based publisher of self-penned anthology ‘Progress’ and founding Funtime Comics Collective contributor (

He most recently did a cover and a story for Auckland comic book New Ground #12:

View more of Jared’s work at:
Christchurch library website even has an interview with him:

Karl Wills

Aucklander, irreverent satirist, and brilliant self-publishing comic artist and writer. See his interview with Darren Schroeder “Comics are a waste of time’ at:

And view more of his artwork, here:

Tim Molloy

Surrealist strip writer/artist from Auckland, now living in Melbourne, and still self-publishing new work.

You can catch some of his work on the websites below:

Toby Morris

Wellingtonian now living in Amsterdam (I think), maintains a regular blog site (, and some of his more recent compilations may be available in comic shops around the country.

As well as drawing cartoons and comic strips, Toby is responsible for a lot of great band posters (see:

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