Best of Werewolf 2009

1. Worth Fighting For

The battle to bridge the gender pay gap in New Zealand

by Catriona MacLennan


2. Classics : Goodnight Moon (1947)

The life of Margaret Wise Brown

by Gordon Campbell


3. Provocation: A Dispassionate Look

Will the law change enable gays and women to be any safer in future ?

By Brannavan Gnanalingham


4. Eyeball Economics

Making life on the Net pay its way

by James Robinson


5. Talking Sport

Can the Tour de France teach us how to run the Rugby World Cup?

by Lamont Russell


6. Can science take pain and guilt off the menu?

Breeding animals that feel no pain

by Melody Thomas


7. Looking After Our Patch

Locking up gang members makes them stronger

by Denis O’Reilly


8. Travelling Light: Doing the Manhattan Walk of Death

On foot, and fearless in New York City

by Nina Arron


9. Left Coasting: The Door That Swings Both Ways

California fails to cope with its crowded prisons

by Rosalea Barker


10 From the Hood

Sorry, No Article This Week

by Lyndon Hood


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