* * * * * WEREWOLF ISSUE 3, AUGUST 2009 * * * * *


lockiebanner: lockwood smith as the pope

The law change on provocation – will it make gays and women any safer?

Afghanistan – are the SAS being sent on a doomed mission?

Why the business of animal cruelty persists in New Zealand

The Business of Cruelty

Why does New Zealand treat animals so badly?

by Catriona MacLennan

Provocation: A Dispassionate Look

After Weatherston and Ambach – will the law change make people any safer?

by Brannavan Gnanalingham

The Pope of Parliament

Dr Lockwood Smith talks about trying to make the House a better place

by Gordon Campbell

SOS Afghanistan – Are the SAS on a doomed mission?

An interview with US Afghanistan expert Thomas Johnson

by Gordon Campbell

Left Coasting: Home Discomforts in Berkeley

Away from home among the homeless in Berkeley California

by David Haywood

Goodnight Moon (1947)

Margaret Wise Brown: The tragic revolutionary who wrote the children’s classic

by Gordon Campbell

The Complicatist: Johnny Devlin

Johnny Devlin and the spirit of the 50s

by Gordon Campbell

From the Hood

Lyndon Hood – discretely proffers a cautionary tale

by Lyndon Hood

Talking Sport

Can the Tour de France teach us how to run the Rugby World Cup?

by Lamont Russell

Cartoon Alley

Cartoon alley – a showcase for new New Zealand cartoons and strips

by Werewolf