* * * * * WEREWOLF ISSUE 1, JUNE 2009 * * * * *


Wasting money on the S59 referendum

Can Andy Murray break the British hex at Wimbledon?

Will Lebanon’s voting system save the country from turmoil?

The Complicatist

Lonesome Elvis, and Will Sheff on a soul classic

by Gordon Campbell


Gordon Campbell on Arnold Lobel’s Grasshopper on the Road

by Gordon Campbell

Art politics in the 2000s

Helen Clark’s legacy to the arts, and will it survive her?

by Brannavan Gnanalingam

Smackdown over the S59 law

Why the citizens referendum in July is a futile way to spend $10 million

by Gordon Campbell

Countdown Lebanon

Will the Byzantine voting system confound the doomsayers about the election in Lebanon?

by Chris Ritchie

Absolute Bollard

Gordon Campbell interviews Reserve Bank Governor, Dr Alan Bollard

by Gordon Campbell


Gordon Campbell on the children’s author and illustrator William Steig

by Gordon Campbell

Left Coasting

Rosalea Barker reports from the US about California’s social and budgetary meltdown

by Rosalea Barker

From the Hood

satirist Lyndon Hood on the mechanics of the trade

by Lyndon Hood

Travelling Light

37 Hours in Fez, Morocco

by Pattrick Smellie

Sporting Life

Lamont Russell on Andy Murray’s chances at Wimbledon

by Lamont Russell